Monday, January 31, 2011

Reality in Egypt: Malaysian students are now in danger.

I'm very worried about the current situation there in Egypt. According to the snapshot above, the situation is now very bad where the police stations are robed and the guns are stolen, the banks and houses are robed, women got raped and everything is in chaos there. What concern me the most is the situation of our students and citizens there. The people there won't care much about the foreigners as they are keen to end the dictatorship of Hosni Mubarak. They should not be blamed for such situation as the blame should be put on the person who neglects to obey the democracy power in Egypt.

As we are talking about the situation there, what are the responsibilities of us who are now waiting here? We should help our students and citizens there before it is too late. We should provide security for them to fly back here. It is not safe anymore to stay there. Our emergency funds should be used to save Malaysians there. But still, we are still waiting for the decision of our headmen on the top. They are planning to evacuate them through the land lines, to the neighbouring countries. It is not safe to use the land as the protesters will be gathering on the main streets to show their disagreement.

We should follow the plan of other countries where they will bring back their citizens using their own military aircraft. Now we can use TLDM and TUDM to evacuate our citizens from the chaotic Egypt and bring back our Malaysians safely here. The decision should be made now! There should be no more waiting until we could not do any more further to save our Malaysian. Please safely bring back our sisters and brothers there.

Our prayers will always be with them and we pray that no more idiots will turn this thing upside down. Please Ya ALLAH.

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