Monday, January 31, 2011

Reality in Egypt: Malaysian students are now in danger.

I'm very worried about the current situation there in Egypt. According to the snapshot above, the situation is now very bad where the police stations are robed and the guns are stolen, the banks and houses are robed, women got raped and everything is in chaos there. What concern me the most is the situation of our students and citizens there. The people there won't care much about the foreigners as they are keen to end the dictatorship of Hosni Mubarak. They should not be blamed for such situation as the blame should be put on the person who neglects to obey the democracy power in Egypt.

As we are talking about the situation there, what are the responsibilities of us who are now waiting here? We should help our students and citizens there before it is too late. We should provide security for them to fly back here. It is not safe anymore to stay there. Our emergency funds should be used to save Malaysians there. But still, we are still waiting for the decision of our headmen on the top. They are planning to evacuate them through the land lines, to the neighbouring countries. It is not safe to use the land as the protesters will be gathering on the main streets to show their disagreement.

We should follow the plan of other countries where they will bring back their citizens using their own military aircraft. Now we can use TLDM and TUDM to evacuate our citizens from the chaotic Egypt and bring back our Malaysians safely here. The decision should be made now! There should be no more waiting until we could not do any more further to save our Malaysian. Please safely bring back our sisters and brothers there.

Our prayers will always be with them and we pray that no more idiots will turn this thing upside down. Please Ya ALLAH.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Future Plan: A good one?

I plan so much for my future. Planning to buy a new car, own a house and to get married. That are the three major things in my mind now. I have to plan carefully as I know I would not earn much when I finally entered the working field. I plan to have a sedan and a bulk one (normally a 4x4 truck for Sabahan) and also to own a house like an apartment or a terrace-house. I also plan to save for my own wedding.

Nowadays, the money that we need for a marriage is far beyond expectation. Some say it is not necessary, but I guess since I'm living in a community where the value of marriage is so important, I have to go with the 'normal' flow. It is too 'normal' as you need almost RM50k for such occasion. It is too much if you want to compare it with the cost of my own parents' wedding. But I guess that was an old story right? 26 years back. That won't fit such comparison.

What do you think? Does this kind of plan worth a man's life? Or do we need to pay for the 'once in a life time' wedding for the whole life as well? How about having two cars for a family. Does that look normal? Or am I going beyond the normal thing of an ordinary guy? Let the words talk.

The Ugly Tooth

I went to the dentist today to get rid of my toothache. The doctor said that there were two broken teeth. Those teeth could not be treated anymore and they should be removed. Well I said to the doctor, why don't we remove one tooth only today and the other one can be removed on another day in the future. The doctor agreed with me and she began the process to remove my broken tooth. I felt a bit pain when she put on the anesthetic to my mouth. After that, I felt numb and nothing can be felt at the right side of my mouth. She began to remove the tooth. It was quite hard for her to pull off my tooth. After few minutes of struggling and forcing it, she finally managed to pull off the tooth. It was very ugly when she showed the tooth to me. It was broken into pieces and if I throw the tooth on the pathway, nobody would even realize it as a tooth. It was just a piece of bone which had been crashed by my eating habit. The doctor said that the problem was not only to me but most people in the world would also had the same problem. It was the tooth that hard to be reached by the tooth brush. As I thought it was not my fault, I blamed my own choice of using cheap tooth brush before. Luckily, the doctor had given me an MC tomorrow and I started my 1-week holiday earlier than the others. It is now time for me to rest well and wait for it to stop bleeding. God bless. May the pain rest in peace.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Peak of the Freaking Pain

It was 4am in the morning yesterday. I woke up because of the pain. It hurts me like hell. I felt like crying, screaming and felt like I want to knock my head on the wall. No body was awake and I only had few tablets of pain killer with me. I swallowed everything up. The pain was still there. It became more worst than before. Went to the bathroom few times to brush my teeth, still, nothing had changed. For one hour I was in a hell of pain. Wondering around my room like a mad cow. Nothing can help me. When the summon of the morning prayer was heard, I went to my best mate's room and woke him up. Asking for a Panadol but sadly he had none as well. He offered me for a ride to the nearest 7e. I said I was in a very much of pain and I hardly could even walk. He offered to buy some medicine for me. I was glad and could not wait for the medicine to reduce this very pain. When he came back, I swallowed everything bought for me. Gladly, all the pain had gone away. Thanks to Mr Kzee who had done so much to help me. He's my saviour.

It was only temporary. I had to go to the dentist to get rid of this freaking pain for good. I rushed to my family dentist as soon as I woke up. Sadly, this particular dentist was not available at the moment. I went to my another family dentist in Damai. Dr Alex Lo Dental Clinic was my saviour. Checked by Dr Shirley and we had an appointment this coming Thursday. What she had told me, they need to get rid of this particular tooth as it was already damaged since the last eleven years. It was the millenium year of 2000 when I last visited the dentist. It was funny when my record was still there and I managed to look at my old 13-year old x-ray film. Everything went well yesterday and they had given me the antibiotic to relieve my pain.

I'm now nervous in waiting for my appointment. I'm very afraid when it comes to dental treatment. I could not even go to the dentist for the past 11 years. Now I'm back here and I have to deal with it. Wish me luck!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Life is a Lie

Secrets are meant to be kept, not to be told. But I couldn't force my self to keep this burden on my own. Well, as I tried to let it out, some of my friends said that I was joking. I was fooling around with them. How on earth now everyone does not trust me anymore? Did I always telling lies to all the people, especially my friends? And because of that they will never believe and trust me anymore? I'm lost and I feel like I have nothing to do now. I have no directions at all. I don't know where to go and what to do. Does it really matters in my life? Do I need it for every single second of my life and I could not move on without it attached on me? Good God, this is tougher than what I have thought. Please give me some strength.

Stupid Pain

Holes in my holy mouth. There are too much of them and they caused me too much headache. I couldn't even sleep when they are giving me too much problems. Had no cash to cure them now and I don't want to get rid any of my precious teeth. I love them all. I intend to treat them using the root canal technology as suggested by Joe. But it will cost me more than I could to afford the operation. I put it on hold as I only can afford it in another few coming months. Not now, not until now.


How I wish life is not this difficult. Some burden should not be lifted on my shoulder, but I still carry them on. How I wish I could turn back the time and reset this whole life. I guess it is impossible to turn such thing back on the right track. I still have to go on with or without it.

I could remember one day, when I was a lil kid. This particular incident where I should never mention it, happened to me. Forced by circumstances, I have to live with it. Now, that particular incident had brought me into the other side of me. Only just now, I realized it. It happened again few years back, almost similar but the consequences were still the same. This time, it was me who decided on it. I regret it now but I could not do anything to rewind it back. I have to live on with this pain.

Sometimes I feel like I try to neglect the responsibility or maybe to get away by forgetting it for a new thing. I guess it hurts me more, deeper than before. I believe it is the 'Karma' which some people may say it is the fate which has been written all the way before we were born. I do not believe it is the fate but it is the consequences. All deeds are meant to be given back to us. Now that happens to me. I've been paid back by the stronger force.

I believe in that and I will always remember that. Somehow, life is not a bed of roses. Ups and downs are meant to be attached with us as we have chosen the path before we start to journey our life.

Opening Ceremony on January 2011

This will be the first entry for this blog. I don't know what should I write now but my intention in starting this blog is to write about what do I feel and what do I think on anything, merely everything in this world and the after life, if I'm capable to do that. I hope I can share my own experience, my observation and anything related to me to the world. Hope that the use of my bad English, that is of course caused by my own writing, would not be a major problem for me to convey my ideas and thoughts through this blog. I'm just an ordinary guy who lives in the ordinary world of mine. Hope the readers will enjoy reading my future entries. God bless!
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