Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Peak of the Freaking Pain

It was 4am in the morning yesterday. I woke up because of the pain. It hurts me like hell. I felt like crying, screaming and felt like I want to knock my head on the wall. No body was awake and I only had few tablets of pain killer with me. I swallowed everything up. The pain was still there. It became more worst than before. Went to the bathroom few times to brush my teeth, still, nothing had changed. For one hour I was in a hell of pain. Wondering around my room like a mad cow. Nothing can help me. When the summon of the morning prayer was heard, I went to my best mate's room and woke him up. Asking for a Panadol but sadly he had none as well. He offered me for a ride to the nearest 7e. I said I was in a very much of pain and I hardly could even walk. He offered to buy some medicine for me. I was glad and could not wait for the medicine to reduce this very pain. When he came back, I swallowed everything bought for me. Gladly, all the pain had gone away. Thanks to Mr Kzee who had done so much to help me. He's my saviour.

It was only temporary. I had to go to the dentist to get rid of this freaking pain for good. I rushed to my family dentist as soon as I woke up. Sadly, this particular dentist was not available at the moment. I went to my another family dentist in Damai. Dr Alex Lo Dental Clinic was my saviour. Checked by Dr Shirley and we had an appointment this coming Thursday. What she had told me, they need to get rid of this particular tooth as it was already damaged since the last eleven years. It was the millenium year of 2000 when I last visited the dentist. It was funny when my record was still there and I managed to look at my old 13-year old x-ray film. Everything went well yesterday and they had given me the antibiotic to relieve my pain.

I'm now nervous in waiting for my appointment. I'm very afraid when it comes to dental treatment. I could not even go to the dentist for the past 11 years. Now I'm back here and I have to deal with it. Wish me luck!


Ibrahim Ismail said...

Ouch. Reading this hurts me as well. No wonder you looked pale. Get well soon!

One Sensei said...

Thank you Im!

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