Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Reality in Egypt: Observers VS Students and Relatives

For the past few days, I've been reading some blogs and Facebook notes regarding the crisis. For the observers who are viewing solely from their point of view, to help the students there, the government should include a proper plan and wait for the right time to establish the evacuation process. For them, the people or to be exact the relatives of the students who are urging the government to save the students there immediately as a stupid act. For me, the urges are meant to save the students there from becoming the victim of the current situation. They urged the government to act fast before it was too late. This is an issue of thousands innocent lives of our citizens there. Even though the relatives may be seen just to save their own blood, but from a further perspective, it is meant to save each and everyone of our dear Malaysians there.

The bloggers and authors who negatively critique the urge of worried and concern of the relatives, are totally and very wrong, as from my personal point of view. They only look at the crisis from their own perspective and they do not have the concern feeling for thousands of lives there. The critiques, as for me, are only meant to gather popularity rather than helping to endure the situation. Some, I may say, are stupidly writing their poor thoughts and ideas and critique the people's effort in urging the process of evacuation. They did not put a better critique as a whole from the perspective of all the people involved.

As I read more, the students were writing more about their unstable security there. Some of them were saying about not to be included into the evacuation process at all. They are more worried than us who are now safely typing at home in Malaysia. They want to go back and be safely back to their respective family. What can we do to help them rather than urging the people in charged to do their job? I guess that's the least we can do as not all of us can financially contribute to help them.

I've been fighting to give them some help for these past few days by posting comments and my thoughts via Facebook and blogs. For me, this is my war. This is how I fight for the students there. I don't want to see any casualties happened to my dear fellow friends there. I try hard to give what ever I can in order to contribute and help them there. As for now, I am glad as the government had already taken an action for the evacuation process. Even though it is quite late, yet I am thankful to the leaders for finally taking a step ahead to ensure the situation is under control.

We Malaysians, are hoping that the process will go smoothly and no further obstacles will come ahead during the mission to evacuate the students in Egypt. InshaALLAH we will find happiness in the end. Xie xie.

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